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Home versus Natural Disaster and Aging

“Home sweet home” is what they say. But when natural calamity and aging strike, the old beautiful neighbourhood will never be the same. Aging and natural calamities are inevitable and that means you need to be aware and ready when these two happen. In relation to your properties, here are three simple tips so that you will not overlook aging and natural disasters:

  • Check the area on how much it will cost in the next 10‑20 years. Our homes are one of the few things we have that actually increase in value after buying them. Land property value can double or triple from its purchase price as years pass by. You can ask help from experts or from estate agents to carry out a valuation or you can do it yourself too so you can save from extra costs.

  • If natural calamities such as earthquake, typhoons, tornado and hurricane, etc. will strike, you need to consider and evaluate the updated value of the property first before transferring to a different place. This is important so you’ll come up with a better decision of either repairing or upgrading it or selling it instead.

  • When your kids turn into adults and begin to leave you to live their own lives, the neighbourhood will never be the same. Time changes everything. You need to assess how much your property will cost even if you don’t have any plans to sell it because you’ll never know what’s going to happen. It won’t cost a lot to anticipate possibilities. As the saying goes, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

On one hand, once we grow old, the simple task of mowing, gardening, cleaning, sweeping, scrubbing can be quite strenuous. That is why we need to be ready when aging strike and that includes considering the maintenance of the house. Some people tend to sell their property because they’re too old to maintain it.

Additionally, natural calamities are also inevitable. Some are forecasted, others are not. When such phenomena happen, the aftermath is quite depressing and our beloved properties can be one of those that can possibly be devastated. Needless to say, it is relevant to be well informed of the different methods and processes to undertake after such devastation happens.

When selling becomes an option, everyone definitely wants a fair and intelligent offer. However, there are some who do not really know the value of the property they are eager to sell. Some may be under or overpriced. That is why you need to know how much exactly your house is worth considering of course its condition. This is where the real estate investor, agents and realtors kick in. They can help you in determining the exact amount by giving you a detailed calculation, valuation and history of the property.

So do not let aging and natural disasters be reasons for your wonderful hopes for your properties to fade.

K & D Capital Group is composed of real estate professionals who can expertly guide, support and bring you to your dreams for your home. For more inquiries you can visit our website or call us at 281-668-5352. We are cash buyers but definitely we will listen, understand and act for you!

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